XREX Circles is a brand new social trading experience that will help you connect with more people, expand your network, and grow your business. Crypto trading is no longer a purely personal experience, but powered by a community with a lot of fun!

By merging the XREX and Tradn apps, we have also converted the retired product feature MyXchange into XREX Circles, which will continue the spirit of MyXchange but provide better profit, stronger community power, social interaction, and recurring revenues.

With XREX Circles, both individuals and corporate accounts can create a circle! To know more, please check Can an individual create a Circle? and Can a company create a Circle?

You can name your Circle, update your logo and start trading! Please note that once you create your own Circle, you will no longer be able to join other Circles and you can’t disable your Circles, either. This means you can either be a Circle owner or join one or multiple Circles.

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