XREX Circles is a new feature that enables you to connect with others and accumulate your trading volumes together. The XREX trading fee discount level is based on your 30-day accumulated trading volume. The bigger the Circle, the larger the trading volume, and the lower your trading fees.

You can join in one or multiple XREX Circles now, trade together, and earn money! The higher the accumulated trading volume by you and your Circle members each month, the lower the trading fees. Of course, you can also create a Circle of your own and invite friends to trade together, but note that once you create your own Circle, you will no longer be able to join other Circles and you can’t disable your Circles, either. This means you can either be a Circle owner or join one or multiple Circles.

More detailed information, including discount level, percentage of trading fees, and 30-days accumulated trading volume are displayed here: What is XREX discount level?

All XREX users, both individual and corporate accounts who have passed identity verification can create their own Circle and become a Circle owner, or join one or multiple Circles as a Circle member.

If you have an individual account and want to create a Circle, please check Can an individual create a Circle? If you have a corporate account and want to create a Circle, please check Can a company create a Circle?

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