If you have already created your Circle you can invite new users or current XREX users. The more accumulated trading volume of your Circle, the lower the trading fees! Follow the steps below to learn how to invite your friends to your circle:

  • Log in to app.xrex.io/circles and click on the blue "Invite User" button.

  • After clicking "Invite User", you can see two ways to invite your friends, one is by sharing your ID and the other one is by sending them a referral code. If you share your ID, your friends can manually join your Circle from the XREX app by navigating to Settings and then by clicking on XREX Circles.

  • If you click on the "REFER NEW USERS" button, you can share a code you have previously created to your friend so he can sign up to XREX. You can earn up to 20% trading fee when your friend trades! Once you click the button, you will see the Referrals menu:

  • Once you click on the share button, you can select your Circle and write a message to your friend:

  • After that, share the referral code to your friend so he can sign up and join your Circle.

    To learn more about the referral code system, please check How to create a referral code?

    We are committed to bringing a better experience and building socially-enabled inclusive financial access!

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