In order to gain access to Fiat money and Cryptocurrency features here at XREX, you will have to go through a process of Identity verification.

There are certain documents that you will have to prepare to get verified at XREX first and if you'd like to send INR directly to others' Indian bank account, it is fairly important that you also select the INR option when doing the verification process. You can learn how to pass the XREX identity verification on the following link: How to pass XREX personal Identity verification?

Once you have passed personal identity verification with XREX, you can send INR to other's people bank account by following the steps highlighted in this article: How to send INR to others' bank account?

If it's your first time trying to withdraw to others' Indian bank account, you will be required to upload some additional documents.

For you to be able to be verified so you could send INR to others' bank account, please prepare the following:

  • Pan card with a signature

    • Photo from the front side of your Pan card and your signature next to it.

  • Aadhaar card

    • Two separate photos, one from the front side and the other from the backside of your Aadhaar card. Your signature also needs to be present next to the card on both photos.

  • Active Indian mobile number

Please click on the "Contact Support" button and send us a message as well as the documentation and we will upload it for you.

After that, we will notify you and you will have to verify your Indian mobile number as well. After you verify it, congratulations! You are able to send INR directly to other people's bank accounts!

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