You can quickly send Indian Rupee (INR) from your XREX wallet to others' Indian bank accounts. It is now more convenient and easier than ever to send money directly to the bank accounts of your friends and family.

For you to be able to send INR, you will need to provide some of your identity documents and you can read more about this here: What are the required documents for sending INR to others' bank account? You will also need to enable 2FA on your XREX account and you can learn how to do so by clicking on the following link: How to enable 2FA?

After you have passed the verification successfully, please follow the steps provided below so you can withdraw INR to others' bank accounts:

  • From the XREX app, navigate to Wallet and click on Send.

  • Select INR and then the Withdraw to others' bank option.

  • On the next screen, you will have to fill out the information for the person that you'd like to send INR from your XREX wallet. This includes the Recipient's name, Bank account number, IFSC code, and amount.

  • After the information is filled in, click on the SEND button, enter the 2FA code from Google Authenticator and that's it! You have successfully sent INR to another person's Indian bank account!

Important notes

  • The fee for every withdrawal is 1% of the amount you are sending and it's charged from your XREX balance. You can learn more about this here: How much is the fee for sending INR to others' bank account?

  • Please note that this feature only supports sending INR to other people's Indian bank accounts. USD or any other currencies are not supported.

  • You can learn more about the XREX limits by clicking on the following link: Basic and Premium limits

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