XREX listed Avalanche (AVAX) on our platform on 18 August 2022. This further diversifies the list of tokens and coins that users can buy, sell, convert, and trade on the XREX platform. We are glad to offer more investment options to our users after detailed analysis conducted by our security and risk management teams.

In this article, we've prepared some basic information about one of our listed cryptocurrency on the XREX crypto-fiat exchange – AVAX.

Basic information:

Coin name: AVAX

Issuer: Ava Labs

Supply: The maximum supply of AVAX is capped at 720 million tokens;

Circulating Supply: 283,900,000 AVAX


Avalanche (AVAX) is a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform that rivals Ethereum. AVAX is the native token of the Avalanche blockchain, which—like Ethereum—uses smart contracts to support a variety of blockchain projects. The Avalanche blockchain can provide near-instant transaction finality. AVAX is used to pay transaction processing fees and secure the Avalanche network, and acts as a basic unit of account among blockchains in the Avalanche network.

Important links:

Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.io/document/603/avalanche-whitepaper

Official website: https://www.avax.network/

We are glad to offer more coins and tokens to our users on the XREX crypto-fiat exchange. However, before investing in any cryptocurrencies, it is important to do one’s own research and have a comprehensive understanding as cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk.

Happy trading!

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