How does TRC20-USDT benefit me?

Experience fast and affordable fund transfers with TRC20-USDT on XREX.

Updated over a week ago

Support for TRC20-USDT is a major step towards making it easier and cheaper for users to transfer funds to and from XREX and other exchanges. With TRC20, you can quickly transfer funds from your existing exchange to XREX for free.

In the past, withdrawing USDT on XREX had to be on the Ethereum network. That would have cost you a flat fee of 40 USDT. This is because of record-high Ethereum gas fees due to congestion on the Ethereum network. We understand that no one likes high fees, and we now offer the ability to transfer USDT out using Tron network spending fees for as low as 1 USDT. Please note that the gas fee may be adjusted due to fluctuations.

Finally, transferring via TRC20 will also generally mean that the funds get there quicker since the Tron network is a bit less congested than Ethereum.

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