Which exchanges can I use to send TRC20-USDT to and from XREX?
Explore the growing list of exchanges that support TRC20 for your crypto transactions.
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For the longest time, ERC20 was the only way to send USDT from one exchange to another. Lately, Ether prices have reached record heights which leads the fees on the Ethereum network to do the same. Meanwhile, TRC20 has been slowly gaining in popularity and its adoption has certainly been helped along by skyrocketing Ether fees.

Many exchanges currently support the deposit and withdrawal of TRC20-USDT. We will recommend you check directly with your preferred platform for more information on the availability of this feature.

You can now enjoy better fees when you withdraw USDT from XREX with the support of TRC20-USDT, and the deposit fee is still free.

We are committed to bringing you a better experience, and supporting TRC20-USDT is another example. Enjoy trading with XREX!

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