How would I benefit from verifying my identity with XREX?

With identity verification here at XREX, you will acquire trading access to both Fiat and Cryptocurrency – a requirement for all users who would like features such as withdrawal & deposit, market/limit orders, fiat-crypto conversions, and BitCheck - a frontier escrow service delivered by XREX.


To consider that verifying takes less than a few minutes, at least for complete submission, we can assure you that the safety and care we consolidate for your trade, assets, and private information both through verification and onwards is worthwhile your timely efforts. Essentially, you let us know "you are who you say you are..." and in return, we serve you with respect and care.

What is identity verification and why does XREX apply it?

Identity verification is an essential piece to XREX's current identification procedure, which is mainly based upon photographic documentation and KYC-related matters.

For many reasons, identity verification is a significant attribution. Not only as a mechanism to mitigate the never-ending threat of financial crime, identity theft, terrorist financing, and money laundering, among other things. But most importantly, it helps to establish a reliable global trading network for you and your business, community, and circle of friends and associates.

We see it as a well-needed requirement to be serviceable in the fiat-crypto fintech environment, as we drive financial inclusion via blockchain technology. It also ensures legitimacy through transparency, and that whomever you chose to trade with on XREX is a real person or company who has been carefully assessed by our team.

Wondering about the specific requirements to pass Identity verification with XREX?

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A secure and responsible fiat-crypto Exchange.

With XREX, there is no doubt that your private data is secure; our team has the experience, ambition, and can promise the highest quality of privacy and cyber security on the market.

We collect some of your private information on the basis of regulating protocols, to remain compliant in view of XREX Financial compliance policy as well as relevant law and regulations in the jurisdiction(s) where XREX operates.

Under no circumstances does XREX disclose your personal information or trading history to outside parties except when compelled by public authorities, such as national security and law enforcement.

If you want to learn more in legal detail, feel free to have a look at our Legal Collections

NOTE: The services provided depends on the jurisdiction of your nationality and location. Please take note of our policies and restrictions - make sure you are not a US, Japan, China, Singapore citizen, resident, or taxpayer for any other reason, nor citizen or resident of FATF sanctioned countries - Sanctioned country list. We are currently unable to service clients that are included in this list, such as citizens and taxpayers of The United States.

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