What is identity verification?

Also frequently referred to as Know-Your-Customer (KYC), identity verification at its core seeks to hold users accountable. It serves the purpose of creating legitimacy through transparency by verifying the authenticity of identity documents and facial liveness detection; ensuring that the user is the exact person who is applying / operating the account.

Why does XREX employ identity verification?

To guarantee validity, safety, and trust, compliance is a long run and XREX will continue to be the lead runner. Recognizing compliance is core to digital currency adoption, XREX partners with several leading compliance and anti-money laundering providers to foster global financial inclusion; removing obstacles such as geographical boundaries by employing a set of digital identity verification procedures.

Your personal data is protected.

How to pass XREX identity verification?

What are the required documents for personal identity verification?

How does verifying benefit me?

XREX delivers a seamless, inexpensive, and secure trading experience. Here are some product features that you can look forward to once you've completed the identity verification:

Exchange - USD, Bitcoin, USDT and more.

Buy and sell crypto with ease: a seamless trading experience!

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BitCheck - Escrow without hassle.

The most secure online payment guarantee to escrow funds for global transactions. Complete deals at your fingertips.

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XREX Earn - Stake USDT and get recurring rewards

You can now earn rewards by staking stablecoins on XREX; within a few clicks, you can stake your preferred amount of stablecoins in any of the CeFi or DeFi projects listed on the XREX platform and begin to earn rewards.

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XREX Clubs - Your trusted financial network. Stake and Trade Together to Earn Rewards and Save Fees. Expands your networks and business partnerships with social interaction, micro-financial services, and community power.

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The services provided depend on the jurisdiction of your nationality and location. Please take note of our policies and restrictions - make sure you are not a US, Japan, China, Singapore citizen, resident, or taxpayer for any other reason, nor citizen or resident of sanctioned countries - Prohibited country list. We are currently unable to service clients that are included in this list, such as citizens and taxpayers of The United States.

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