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What is BitCheck?
What is BitCheck?

Send and receive BitChecks with only trusted and verified individuals or corporations.

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BitCheck provides the most secure online payment guarantee to escrow cryptocurrencies and funds for global transactions. As one of the most popular product features on the XREX fiat-crypto exchange, many people instantly send cryptocurrencies and funds by BitCheck. Supported cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin (BTC), ETH, BCH, USDT, and others. Escrow without hassle!

Acting as an independent third party, BitCheck withholds payment until everyone fulfills their responsibilities in the transaction. A BitCheck is either released or canceled only when both parties agree; these steps are easily finished on the XREX app within minutes. Over $200 million are escrowed since launch.

In February 2023, XREX launched BitCheck 2.0, a more user-friendly, secure and fast version that is integrated with the new XREX Voucher feature. You can create the Voucher at any time and share them with anyone you want.

BitCheck, which has always been very popular, has also undergone a major revision of the interface bringing a better experience to online P2P transactions and international trades. All XREX users are verified with public information on their profile, which reduces counterparty risk and helps you build a trusted network in a safe environment. Escrow without risk.

XREX is run by a team with over 14 years of experience in global cybersecurity. Partnering with world-class KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundry) service providers including CipherTrace and Sum&Substance, all parties do transactions with users who have passed XREX’s identity verification.

XREX aims to build the most secure trading environment where you can send and receive BitChecks with only trusted and verified individuals or corporations.

To know more about XREX, please visit and the BitCheck official website.

Happy trading!

The XREX team


Please note that XREX is a fin-tech company aiming to comply with all regulations relevant to our services. The type and scope of services provided might be different depending on the jurisdiction where you are located and the relevant regulations for that jurisdiction.

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