BitCheck reduces counterparty risk and ensures a secure environment against frauds, illegal activities, and scams. Acting as an independent third party, BitCheck withholds payment until everyone fulfills their responsibilities in the transaction.

BitChecks are either released or canceled only when both parties agree; these steps can easily be finished within minutes on the XREX app.

BitCheck is a secure, effortless, and quick third-party escrow transaction service supported by XREX, a team combined with world-class experts having over 14 years of cybersecurity experience. All the parties you do transactions with are users who have passed XREX’s identity verification. Over $200 million are escrowed since launch.

In just a few steps, you can complete escrowed transactions with other parties at any time from anywhere, without hassle. Before using BitCheck, please register with the XREX app and pass identity verification.

For a visual representation of how BitCheck works, please take a look into the video below:

How does BitCheck work?

  1. Top up your XREX wallet by transferring cryptocurrencies or through banks. XREX supports both fiat money and cryptocurrencies, including US Dollar (USD), Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium (ETH), USDT, BCH, and XRP.

  2. Make an agreement to deal with each other and send a BitCheck. Please note that both parties should be XREX users.

  3. Send a BitCheck by opening the BitCheck page, select the recipient and currency you want to send by ID or search Profile&Contacts. Enter the amount, leave a message and send the BitCheck.

  4. Funds inside the BitCheck are escrowed, meaning the recipient cannot access the funds until the agreement is fulfilled.

  5. As agreed to by the recipient, he/she will deliver goods to you: You can ask for proof of shipment or wait until you’ve received the goods.

  6. The recipient fulfills agreements and requests the sender to release funds escrowed inside the BitCheck.

  7. Sender releases funds escrowed inside the BitCheck to the recipient; the recipient receives funds. The deal is completed and the transaction is done.

BitCheck is the most secure and trusted online payment guarantee to escrow funds for global transactions. To know more about XREX, please visit and BitCheck official website.

Together, we grow and go beyond.

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Please note that XREX is a fin-tech company aiming to comply with all regulations relevant to our services. The type and scope of services provided might be different depending on the jurisdiction where you are located and the relevant regulations for that jurisdiction.

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