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BitCheck Contract
How to use BitCheck Contract?
How to use BitCheck Contract?

Follow step-by-step instructions to learn how to create and benefit from contracts.

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To prevent fraud & ease business, attach agreement terms (English only) to your BitCheck within minutes!

How to use BitCheck Contract

  1. Go to the BitCheck page

  2. Select Send and select the receiver

  3. Enter the amount and message, then select Next

  4. Confirm the information and select Yes, continue

  5. Select Create contract

  6. Follow the step to create the contract that suits your transaction and purpose

  7. Send the BitCheck with contract

  8. The receiver reviews and signs the contract

Benefits of BitCheck Contract

  • All BitCheck users are verified

  • BitCheck contract defines the terms, roles, and responsibilities of each party

  • BitCheck provides the escrow service to hold funds until terms are fulfilled

  • The signed BitCheck contract can be downloaded as a PDF

  • All XREX users have a unique profile page, where the verification status, number of BitCheck done, number of mutual connections, and verification time are displayed. The profile helps users to check and judge their counterparty before making a deal.

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