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Who is using BitCheck?
Who is using BitCheck?

For everyone looking for a secure, fast, inexpensive, and trusted payment guarantee.

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BitCheck is the most secure online payment guarantee to escrow funds for global transactions. BitCheck serves everyone who performs international trades, imports and exports, online transactions, crypto P2P trading, and beyond. BitCheck is the best tool to secure all two-party transactions all over the world.

BitCheck is one of the most popular product features on the XREX app. XREX aims to build socially-enabled, inclusive financial access, especially in emerging economies such as India, Africa, South America, and the Middle East. Since its launch, over $200 million transactions have been escrowed and protected by BitCheck. Cross-border business from, to, or between developing countries is the majority.

For merchants in emerging economies, finding a trustworthy and secure payment guarantee to safeguard both buyer and seller and all funds transacted has been a real challenge. BitCheck is the most trusted and regulated online payment guarantee that solves cross-border merchants’ problems by offering the safest platform where all users are verified by multiple KYC (Know Your Customer) and anti-money laundry (AML) mechanisms.

Backed by the Taiwanese government, XREX partners with the world’s top 10 KYC service provider Sum&Substance, collaborates with top AML service provider CipherTrace, joins and contributes to the Crypto Defenders Alliance (CDA), and implements TRISA-compliant FATF travel rule compliance by integrating CipherTrace Traveler. All these mechanisms protect users' digital assets and transactions on the XREX app.

BitCheck is not only popular with cross-border merchants, but also money service business (MSB), money transfer operators (MTOs), and online P2P crypto trading. No matter whether you wish to buy and sell physical and non-physical products or services, BitCheck serves to protect both parties during B2B payments, C2C remittances, and crypto trading transactions.

BitCheck is for everyone who is looking for a secure, fast, inexpensive, and trusted payment guarantee service for global transactions. To know more about XREX, please visit and BitCheck official website.

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Please note that XREX is a fin-tech company aiming to comply with all regulations relevant to our services. The type and scope of services provided might be different depending on the jurisdiction where you are located and the relevant regulations for that jurisdiction.

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