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About XREX Inc.
Who are XREX investors?
Who are XREX investors?

XREX Inc. is invested by the Taiwan government, banks, prominent VCs, and reputed companies.

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XREX Inc., a blockchain-enabled financial institution, has closed a $7 million Seed funding round in 2019 and a $17 million funding round in 2021. XREX's investors include Taiwan's National Development Fund, banks, prominent international venture funds, and reputed companies.

XREX's investor list:

  • Taiwan Government National Development Fund

  • SBI Investment

  • CDIB Capital Group

  • E.Sun Venture capital

  • ThreeD Capital


  • Global Founders Capital

  • Seraph Group

  • Metaplanet Holdings

  • AppWorks

  • WI Harper

  • BlackMarble

  • New Economy Ventures

  • Outliers Fund

  • BitoPro

  • Toivo Annus

XREX's funding history:

Visit XREX's official website to find out more about XREX!

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