How to use XREX wallet?

A guide to understanding the wallet interface and value definitions.

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The XREX wallet is the official cryptocurrency and fiat wallet of XREX, allowing you to access BTC, TWD, USDT, Ethereum, and more. It securely stores your assets and enables participation in several projects vetted by XREX’s team of world-leading experts in cybersecurity, fintech, compliance, and cryptocurrencies.

With the XREX wallet, you can deposit, withdraw, transfer, convert, or diversify your portfolio through an intuitive interface. The wallet is supported on both the XREX app and the exchange website.

This article will guide you through the wallet interface on the app and answer common questions from XREX users, ensuring you have the knowledge to operate it with ease.

How are total assets calculated?

  • The total assets figure essentially represents the cumulative value of all assets that are held in your XREX wallet, displayed as the USD (INR, TWD) equivalent. This total value is calculated by summing up the worth of each individual asset.

What does 'available' mean?

  • When we refer to 'available', we are talking about all the available assets in your XREX wallet that are readily accessible and can be utilized at any given moment. These assets are not currently locked or held up in any way, making them fully available for transactions or other financial operations.

What does 'locked' mean?

  • 'Locked' refers to those specific assets in your XREX wallet that are currently tied up in trading or other financial services. They are called 'locked' because, at this moment of time, they cannot be used or accessed for any other purposes. This could be due to a variety of reasons such as ongoing trades, pending transactions, or certain financial services requirements.

Example 1: Secured Loan

  • You collateralize 1 BTC to borrow 35,000 USDT

  • Total Assets: 35,000 USDT is added to your total asset value.

  • USDT Balance: Increases by 35,000 USDT, which is not locked and can be freely used.

  • BTC Balance: Remains the same, but 1 BTC becomes locked

Example 2: Margin Trading

  • You collateralize 100 USDT to long BTC

  • Total Assets: No change since the 100 USDT was already in your wallet.

  • USDT Balance: No change since the 100 USDT was already in your wallet, but it becomes locked.

  • BTC Balance: Remains unchanged because the counter asset is exchanged through a liability.

What does "Assets" refer to in my wallet?

  • "Assets" in your wallet is a section where you can see all the different assets supported by the XREX wallet. Here you can see the value of all the holdings you have, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), fiat currencies like USD, and any borrowed assets such as USDT.

How does the value of my assets relate to "Total Assets"?

  • The value of the different assets in your wallet equals the "Total Assets" displayed. This includes all your holdings, whether they are in cryptocurrency or fiat, and any assets you've borrowed.

What is the "Portfolio" section in my XREX wallet?

  • The "Portfolio" section categorizes your assets based on the products or services they are associated with.

What is the definition of Margin value in the Portfolio section?

  • The margin value represents the investment amount, which is the sum of collateral used in margin trading. It also displays the unrealized Profit and Loss (P&L) associated with your margin positions.

Example for how the Margin value is calculated: If you collateralize 100 USDT to long BTC in margin trading and the BTC price remains unchanged, the value will approximately equal to 100 USDT (the worth of BTC minus the debt). If the BTC price increases, the net asset value goes up accordingly, and vice versa.

What is the definition of Grid bot value in the Portfolio section?

  • The Grid bot value represents the investment amount, which is the sum of the total investment amount used in grid bot trading. It also displays the total Profit and Loss (P&L), including both unmatched and matched P&L.

Example for how the Grid bot value is calculated: When grid bot is used in spot trading, where there are no liabilities, as the total value of grid bots is fetched.

What is the definition of Earn value in the Portfolio section?

  • The Earn value represents the sum of the total locked value in the service, indicating the amount of assets currently being used in earning activities.

Example for how the Earn value is calculated: If you're participating in Earn projects, the value would represent the total locked value in the service. This can include assets locked for DeFi staking and/or XREX Rewards.

What is the Secured loan value in the Portfolio section?

  • The Secured loan value represents the sum of the collateral value associated with any secured loans you've taken from the platform. This service allows you to collateralize cryptocurrency assets like BTC or ETH to access liquidity without selling your holdings.

Example for how the Secured loan value is calculated: Suppose you collateralize BTC valued at $10,000 to secure a loan. Based on your chosen loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 50%, you'd be eligible for a loan amount of $5,000 USDT. In this case, the Secured Loan value in your portfolio would be $10,000, representing the collateral value.

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