What are stablecoins?

Brief introduction about the two most used stablecoins - USDT and USDC.

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USDT and USDC are crypto coins issued by Tether and Circle, two blockchain tech companies regulated by the US government. Unlike most of the cryptocurrencies, i.e Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP, stablecoin is a DOLLAR RESERVE crypto coin, in other words, it's generally backed by the same amount of fiat currency. For example, USD in the US banks under trust.

Due to its nature, the exchange rate is always or almost 1:1 against USD. Hence, it is well-known as stablecoin and well-used in commercial activities, particularly for B2B payments for cross-border transactions. Stablecoin has become the most convenient and secure intermediate currency which can later be settled as USD easily. Today, the estimated capital value of USDT and USDC is 140B USD in total.

XREX supports USDT and USD. Users can easily convert one to the other. With XREX's Bitcheck, the most secure online payment guarantee which escrow funds for global transactions, we reduce uncertainties for cross-border B2B payments and C2C remittances, especially in emerging markets.

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