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What is the relationship between XREX and Unitas Foundation?
What is the relationship between XREX and Unitas Foundation?

Changing cross-border payments with digital money.

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XREX and Unitas Foundation are two separate entities.

XREX finds great synergy with the Unitas team; XREX aims to help cross-border merchants use stablecoins to accelerate international payments and solve dollar shortage issues. Unitas Foundation brings a new dimension of over-collateralized USD exchange-rate-derived stablecoins application and tokenomics.

After a thorough evaluation of how Unitas can potentially change cross-border payments with digital money, the XREX team agreed to participate in the sandbox phase by listing the following trading pairs that involve Unitas stablecoins:




  • USD/USD91

  • USDC/USD91

  • USDT/USD91

  • BTC/USD91

  • ETH/USD91


  • USDT/USD971

  • BTC/USD971

  • ETH/USD971

We look forward to working with Unitas Foundation and introducing more crypto innovations that can drive financial inclusion and redefine banking together.

For more information about the tokenomics design and how to participate, please visit Unitas Foundation’s official page or contact them via and Twitter @unitasprotocol.

Legal Disclaimer:

  • The above is only for informative purposes. It does not solicit funds, constitute contractual offers or promises, or proffer any legal, investment, or tax advice. Please seek a licensed professional’s support to address your particular situation should you need any professional advice.

  • XREX Inc. and its subsidiaries (collectively “XREX Group”) are the contributors to the USD Stablecoin Protocol initiated by Unitas Foundation.

  • The USD Stablecoin Protocol (“Protocol”) is an experiment intended to be a decentralized financial tool. For the avoidance of doubt, the crypto assets and stablecoins involved within the Protocol are not insured or audited by any third party, licensed or endorsed by any regulatory authority. Thus, the USD Stablecoin Protocol is subject to various risks, including but not limited to, liquidity risk, cybersecurity risk, regulatory risk, transactional risk, and human error risk. Please do your own research before participating in the Protocol. You can find more information at

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