What is A2ZCrypto SWAP?

A2ZCrypto SWAP is a non-custodial swap service.

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What can you do with A2ZCrypto SWAP?

A2ZCrypto provides INR-Crypto SWAPS that lets you buy / sell currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT & USD91.

What is the relationship between XREX and A2ZCrypto?

XREX and A2ZCrypto function as separate, independent entities but share a strategic partnership that enhances user offerings. It allows users to efficiently access and utilize A2ZCrypto SWAP services directly within the XREX app, providing a streamlined and user-friendly experience for swaps and trades without navigating away or using multiple platforms.

What are the benefits of A2ZCrypto SWAP?

What do I need to get started?

To get started with A2ZCrypto Swap, please sign up with XREX. You'll need to upload your PAN card information and complete the bank account verification process. Once your account is approved, you'll be able to enjoy various A2ZCrypto features, such as purchasing cryptocurrency with INR or selling it for INR.

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How can I buy Bitcoin with INR?

To get started, simply request a quote estimation from A2ZCrypto and decide if you would like to proceed with the SWAP. Once you confirm your decision, you will be required to pay in INR and provide your bank wire transaction ID.

How are the rates compared to competitors?

A2ZCrypto SWAP offers comparative rates in comparison to major Indian exchanges, and better than quoted by P2P exchanges and On/Off ramp processors. The rates would be much better for larger trade volumes with efficient settlement process.

Why do I need to download XREX to use A2ZCrypto SWAP?

XREX has formed a partnership with A2ZCrypto. They will concentrate on delivering SWAP services using INR, while XREX boasts the most secure security environment in the industry and is thus a superior chose for crypto custodians for users.

What is USD91 stablecoin?

USD91 is one of the stablecoins in the Untias ecosystem. These stablecoins are reserved 130% to 200% with USD-based stablecoins such as USDT, USDC, Dai, BUSD, and more. Unitas Foundation enables financial sovereignty by granting people the right to choose their units of account while transacting with each other. For more information about the tokenomics design and how to participate, please visit Unitas Foundation.

More FAQs

How to see pending & history of A2ZCrypto SWAP?

To check incoming and outgoing funds, open the A2ZCrypto SWAP plugin and locate the history logs in the "Deposit" and "Withdrawal" sections. These logs track funds moving to and from XREX via the plugin.

How to manage A2ZCrypto SWAP plugin?

First, navigate to the settings and scroll down until you see "Plugins", then click on it.

Next, click on "View details" to check the plugin's status and permissions.

What occurs if there is a total failure in the deposit process?

A total failure in the deposit process is rare and might occur when the order book's depth is insufficient. This could happen if too many trades are requested at once, resulting in a partially filled situation. However, in the unlikely event of a total deposit process failure, users will be compensated with a direct payment of USD91.

How are users compensated if the deposit process is only partially completed?

For partially completed deposits when swapping BTC for instance, users receive a combination of BTC (for the converted amount) and USD91 (for the unconverted amount). Within the user XREX interface, users will see their balance only in BTC, such as 0.001 BTC. The unconverted USD91 will not be visible.

What happens if the withdrawal process fails completely?

In the rare event that the withdrawal process fails completely, the asset is returned to the user's account. This might occur when the depth of the order book is insufficient, potentially due to an excessive number of simultaneous trade requests, leading to a partially filled situation.

How are users compensated if the withdrawal process is partially completed?

For partially completed withdrawals when swapping BTC for instance, unconverted USD91 is returned to the users. The converted amount sent by A2ZCrypto in INR will be deducted from this balance. This is unlikely but its worth mentioning that it may happen as when the order request is sent, there are too many trades to be conducted and result in partial filled situation.

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