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How to sell crypto with INR payout?
How to sell crypto with INR payout?

A2ZCrypto SWAP supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, USD91 and more!

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  • Downloaded the XREX app.

  • Registered and completed XREX's identity verification process.

  • Enabled two-factor authentication.

  • Passed A2ZCrypto verification.

Step-by-step common questions

Step 1: Choose a crypto to sell

A2ZCrypto SWAP supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, USD91 and more!

What is the exchange rate and does it include fees?

The exchange rate is the price at which one currency can be traded for another. With A2ZCrypto SWAP, the exchange rate already includes fees and TDS. Please refer to the app for the most up-to-date price and detailed exchange rate information.

Can I select where to sell the crypto?

Coming soon, you can choose via which wallet you wish to sell the Crypto.

What is the minimum and maximum single sell limit?

  • Minimum: 5000 INR

  • Maximum per unit - INR:

    • USD91: Unlimited

    • USDT: 2,268,000

    • USDC: 2,268,000

    • BTC: 2,268,000

    • ETH: 756,000

Step 2: Decide how much to sell & get an estimate

The crypto balances from your connected wallet, such as XREX, will show up within the A2ZCrypto plugin. Unlike buy orders, sell orders are not affected by market shifts, as they are executed instantly.

How is the estimate calculated?

The estimate is based on real-time exchange rates. Therefore, cryptocurrency volatility can make the estimated amount differ from the final received amount. Exchange rates fluctuate due to market changes, and when combined with the payment processing time, this can lead to slippage.

What does it mean the swap will execute at latest exchange rate?

It means that the swap transaction will be completed using the most current exchange rate available at the time of execution.

Step 3: Confirm the rate & swap!

Once you confirm, the swap will execute instantly at the latest exchange rate.

Step 4: Receive INR in your bank account

After A2ZCrypto and your bank have processed the order, you’ll receive your INR in your bank account

How much time does the INR payout take?

It can take up to 24h-48h for INR to be credited to your bank account.

What happens if the withdrawal process fails completely?

In the rare event that the withdrawal process fails completely, the asset is returned to the user's account. This might occur when the depth of the order book is insufficient, potentially due to an excessive number of simultaneous trade requests, leading to a partially filled situation.

How are users compensated if the withdrawal process is partially completed?

For partially completed withdrawals when swapping BTC for instance, unconverted USD91 is returned to the users. The converted amount sent by A2ZCrypto in INR will be deducted from this balance. This is unlikely but its worth mentioning that it may happen as when the order request is sent, there are too many trades to be conducted and result in partial filled situation.

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