What is USD1?

Unitas stablecoin issued for the protocol’s sandbox phase.

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USD1 is a stablecoin of Unitas, which reflects the value of 1 US Dollar.

Unitas is the first over-collateralized USD exchange-rate-derived stablecoin protocol for multiple emerging market currencies. USD1, USD91, and USD971 are the first three tokens issued for the protocol’s sandbox phase.

Unitas stablecoins reflect the value of a USD stablecoin in proportion to one unit of each local currency, and are affixed with their corresponding country code, eg. USD91 for India’s rupee, USD971 for the UAE’s dirham and USD1 for the US dollar.

The real rates will be reflected timely by the Unitas price oracle.

On XREX crypto-fiat exchange, you can trade and swap the eight pairs with Unitas stablecoins as below:

For more information about the tokenomics design and how to participate, please visit Unitas Foundation’s official page or contact them via team@unitas.foundation and Twitter @unitasprotocol.

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