Currently, the XREX crypto-fiat Exchange mobile application supports iOS 12.0 or later. For Android, version 9 (Android Pie) or later is covered.

The XREX mobile app applies to both Android and Apple, but some iOS/Android versions are not supported. With that in mind, if you are experiencing any difficulties downloading and/or opening the app, it might be caused by the device and the mobile version your phone runs on.


To determine which Android version your device is running, follow these steps:

  • Open your phone’s menu. Tap System Settings

  • Scroll down towards the bottom.

  • Select About Phone from the menu.

  • Select Software Info from the menu.

  • The OS version of your device is shown under Android Version.

If it is not Android 9+ or above, you will need to upgrade before installing XREX,

or you can use XREX web.


You may see if a new update is available for your device by following the steps outlined in this article: Check & update your Android version.


To find the current software version on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

  • Go to Settings > open General, then tap About.

Also, you could tap "Software Update" to see your current iOS version and to check if there are any new system updates waiting to be installed.

If it is not iOS 12.0 or later, you will need to upgrade before installing XREX,

or you can use XREX web.

We highly recommend keeping your device(s) running on the most current software because previous versions will not receive important updates.

Crypto and Fiat services in one platform – easy and effective product features –XREX app. Use your Android phone or Apple device to get started now!

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