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How is my personal information being shared via BitCheck Contract?
How is my personal information being shared via BitCheck Contract?

Understand the information shared between you and your BitCheck receiver.

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Whenever you create a BitCheck, you can now opt to attach a contract contingent upon the mutual approval between you and your BitCheck receiver.

Every BitCheck Contract contains personal information automatically retrieved from our KYC database. Therefore, if you decide to create the BitCheck Contract for your BitCheck transaction, you and your BitCheck receiver must consent to: (i) the right for XREX to share your information with the other party, AND (ii) the permission for the other BitCheck User to receive your information. BitCheck Contract Users are obligated to keep personal information in confidence unless they explicitly agree otherwise.

Generally, BitCheck Contracts will include both BitCheck sender’s and receiver’s names and phone numbers, their XREX account numbers, the purpose of the BitCheck transaction, and the BitCheck reference code. Each BitCheck Contract will also contain some specific information provided by the BitCheck sender, such as payment information, goods or services procured via this BitCheck, etc.


  1. Because BitCheck Contract is a documentation tool, you agree to take full responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of your BitCheck Contract. XREX does not verify or endorse the BitCheck Contract you created or signed, nor does it offer legal advice. Because whether your BitCheck Contract is legally binding on both parties depends on a variety of factors, we highly recommend that you seek legal advice from your counsel before signing any BitCheck Contract.

  2. You should keep your information up to date when using all of XREX’s services and products, including BitCheck Contract. To streamline your BitCheck experience, you consent to share your personal information with the BitCheck receiver or the BitCheck sender for the current and subsequent BitCheck Contract, unless you inform XREX otherwise.

    Should you ever need assistance, please reach out to the XREX support team at or find us directly in the live chat bubble anytime for assistance.

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