Please refer to the Important notes below and make sure that you have completed your identity verification and enabled your two-factor authentication (2FA) to deposit US dollars (USD) in XREX. To learn more, please visit:

How to pass XREX personal Identity verification?

How to set up 2FA?

Steps to deposit USD in XREX:

  1. Login to XREX and click on Deposit. You can also opt to click on Wallet and select Deposit.

  2. Select USD.

  3. Click on your preferred deposit method. We currently offer:

    • Far Eastern Commercial Bank. A Taiwan-headquartered financial institution that provides fast USD deposit services in Taiwan with a processing time of approximately 0-2 business days or 1-3 business days for USD accounts in other regions.

    • Circle. The issuer of USDC, the second-largest USD stablecoin in the world. They aim to use new technology to improve the efficiency of capital flow. Processing time will take approximately 1-3 business days.

    • Customers Bank. A U.S. financial institution specializing in providing a series of financial and loan services for small and medium-sized businesses, professionals, individuals and families. Processing time is approximately 1 to 3 business days.

  4. Enter your preferred deposit amount and click Confirm.

  5. Go through the deposit instructions and click Next to find our USD deposit bank account details. Please transfer your preferred USD deposit amount to the bank account provided.

Congratulations! You've successfully applied for a USD deposit to XREX. USD deposits are normally credited within 2-5 business days, depending on the bank remittance processing time and our internal security procedures; you will be notified once the funds have been credited to your wallet.

Important notes:

  1. The reference ID provided by XREX should be indicated as a remark on the bank's remittance application form when depositing funds. Failure of indication will result in a failed deposit and additional fees may be charged by the intermediary bank.

  2. XREX only accepts deposits from bank accounts held in your name and the account name must match your XREX identity verification. Any deposits made through third-party accounts will be canceled. Please note that a processing fee will be deducted from your refund and additional fees may be charged by the intermediary bank.

  3. The minimum deposit amount is USD$50 and the deposit fee is 0.05% of the deposit amount received (minimum USD$8, maximum USD$300). The actual amount deposited to your account may differ due to the additional fees charged by intermediary banks.

  4. Additional charges may incur for incorrect information hence, please ensure that all deposit information is correct.

Withdraw and deposit limits for Fiat and Cryptocurrency.

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