How to add a US dollars bank account?
Follow our step-by-step instructions to get started.
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To deposit and withdraw US dollars (USD), you must first add your bank account to your verified XREX account.

Steps to add a USD bank account:

  1. Click on your profile picture at the top right corner of the Home screen.

  2. Go to Settings and select Bank Accounts.

  3. Under USD account, select Add USD bank account.

  4. Fill in your bank account details and select Add. Please note that each bank detail shall be filled in according to the requested information. We will recommend you check with your bank for any difficulties when filling in your bank account information.

Completion instruction:

  • Please fill in the mailing address of your bank statement when adding a new billing address. In general, this will refer to the contact address you provided when opening a bank account. Please note to write them using the Latin alphabet.

  • By clicking “billing address”, you could delete or add up to 10 addresses.

  • Address nickname refers to the remarks you save for this address. You can customize them in any language (eg. Home, company, etc.) as an easy future reference.

Bank information:

  • Depending on your bank account's domicile country, you may need to fill in the SWIFT / BIC code, or IBAN number.
    Eg. IBAN number is required for most banks domiciled in Europe; SWIFT / BIC code is required for banks domiciled in other countries. Please fill in the information according to your banking details.

  • Account nickname refers to the remarks you save for this bank account. You can customize them in any language (eg. My Bank, XX Bank, etc.) as an easy future reference.

Complete these steps to enjoy fast and secure USD deposits and withdrawals!

Important notes:

  1. Please note that USD transactions are only processed after your bank account is linked successfully.

  2. XREX only accepts bank accounts held in your name and matches your identity verification documents. All other attempts to add bank accounts that use aliases, joint accounts, etc. will be rejected.

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