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What are the benefits of being a Club member?
What are the benefits of being a Club member?

Join a trustworthy and credible community, handheld by experienced experts.

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If you are a crypto newbie who needs someone to handhold you; if you are looking for good advice for your crypto investments and digital asset staking; if you want to follow seasoned crypto experts; if you want to be integrated to a trusted and powerful community that can provide services to business or personal purposes, you should join a Club and become a member.

  • Crypto novices

You have been interested in crypto but hesitated to participate because you can’t find a trustworthy guide who can explain the basic knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies before you make the first crypto investment. Club owners can help.

  • Small and micro enterprises

US dollar shortage issues has been an obstacle for your business payments and expansion. You have been looking for a strong and trustworthy network that can support your business liquidity needs. Club owners can help and they are all verified.

  • Traditional financial investors

You are an experienced investor in stock markets, mutual funds, fixed deposits and other traditional financial investment. New investment opportunities like crypto always attract your attention, however, it’s hard to find a proper channel and right person to introduce crypto to you. Club owners can help.

Benefits of being a Club member

  • Join a trustworthy and credible community

  • Handheld by experienced experts

  • Stake together with all Club members to earn higher rewards

  • Trade together with all Club members to save trading fees

  • Invite new users with your referral code. Earn when every time they trade

Scenario 1: Join a Club with many people staking together

Husan starts staking USDT on XREX because he thinks the fluctuation of the crypto market is too much. He stakes 10,000 USDT and the month-to-month rate is 8% (APR).

Husan wants to earn more but he doesn't have more capital. He found Raju’s Club on XREX’s Telegram channel. Raju’s Club is very popular and the total staking amount in the past 30 days is 2,560,000 USDT and the APR is 8.5%.

Becoming a member of Raju’s Club helps Husan earn more and Husan teaches him a lot about staking and crypto.

Scenario 2: Join a Club with many people trading together

Suman just made his first crypto investment with 5,000 USD. He is not very familiar with crypto but very interested in knowing more. Suman joins Rohil’s Club through a friend’s referral. Suman learns a lot from Rohil and trades with his fellow Club members to save trading fees.

Suman doesn’t have much money and he is still very conservative because he is a crypto novice. If he trades alone, his trading fee will be 0.5%. But by joining Rohil’s Club, their total trading volume per month is around 5,000,000 USD and the trading fee is only 0.07%.

Besides saving fees, Suman is accumulating his knowledge with Rohil’s handholding and he is also excited to join the trader network and engage with other members of Rohil’s Club.

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