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What are XREX Clubs?
What are XREX Clubs?

Stake and trade together to earn money and save fees!

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The power of community, now with XREX Clubs. Trade and stake together with your fellow Club members and enjoy incremental rewards plus lower trading fees!

The more your Club participates in trading and staking, the higher your rewards (APR) and savings (Fees)!

What’s new in XREX Clubs?

New Interface

A brand new interface with easier club management, a new mini dashboard, and social media features.

Ambassador Led

XREX Club owners now act as ambassadors for new user onboarding and handholding.

Club Benefits

Higher trading volumes equal better trading fee discounts for all, trade more and level-up together!

Members only

Club owners can now easily control club membership through invites and join requests.

XREX Rewards

You can now reap group rewards by staking together and earning a better APR!

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