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What are the benefits of being a Club owner?
What are the benefits of being a Club owner?

Act as ambassadors for new user onboarding and handholding.

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Club owners act as XREX ambassadors to onboard and handhold people to their Clubs and access XREX features, including investing, trading, staking, and more. Club owners are trusted by their Club members as an opinion leader and a significant support in their crypto journey.

Who should be a Club owner

If you are a crypto savvy and enthusiast who always share information related to crypto with friends and family members; if you really want to help people understand and be benefited from the financial innovations driven by blockchain technologies; if you are a strong believer of community power and you are willing to build one trusted network, you are the right person to create your own Club and invite people to trade and stake together with you!

  • Cross-border merchants

Invite your friends and business partners to utilize crypto for their business payments, receivables, and liquidity maintenance.

  • Crypto opinion leaders

Pioneers like you have been helping people understand and leverage cryptocurrencies properly. XREX Clubs help you expand your followers and consolidate your credibility with the support of a clean and secure platform.

  • Crypto influencers

Grow your community through XREX Clubs and leverage your influence to benefit people and generate your passive income at the same time.

Benefits of being a Club owner

  • Grow your community and influence

  • The more you and your Club members stake, the better rewards rate you share together

  • Earn 12% on the earnings of your Club member’s staking rewards

  • The more you and your Club members trade, the lower the trading fees

  • Invite new users with your referral code. Earn when every time they trade

Scenario 1: Club with many people staking together

Kumar is a Club owner who invites many people to stake together in his Club. Kumar stakes 500,000 USDT and members in his Club stake 600,000 USDT in total.

Kumar staked 500,000 USDT of his own plus his club members staked 600,000 USDT in his Club. The total staked in Kumar’s Club is 1.1 million USDT.

If the month-to-month rate is 8% (APR), according to the incremental reward level, Kumar and his Club members will earn 8.2% (APR) and the management fee is 15% of the earnings. So the actual APR received by Kumar and his Club members is 8.2%*85%= 6.97%

Apart from the 6.97% actual APR received, XREX shares 80% of the management fees with Club owners.

The rewards are distributed on daily basis. So Kumar will earn around 120.68 USDT Daily. The breakdown of his earnings is as follows:

  • Rewards earned by the Club owner = (Total staked by the club owner * Actual APR)

=(500,000 USDT)*6.97% APR = 34,850 USDT

  • Management fees shared with Club owners = (APR earned by the entire Club * management fee share)

=[(1.1 million*6.97% APR) *15%]*80% = 9,200.4 USDT

  • Club Owner Total Earned: (APR earned + Management fee earned)

=(34,850 + 9,200.4 USDT) = 44,050.4 USDT annually

= around 120.68 USDT daily

Scenario 2: Club with many people trade together

Rajesh is an experienced importer and he creates his own Club and onboard many new traders to the XREX platform. He always buys USDT with USD for his business payment needs. On average, Rajesh trades around 96,000 USD by himself every month. And the total trading volume of his Club contributed by Club members is around 50,000 USD.

If Rajesh trades without creating a Club, the trading fee will be 0.13%. But managing his Club and inviting more people to trade together, Rajesh and his Club members all enjoy a better trading fee – 0.10%.

XREX Clubs is Rajesh’s best tool to manage and interact with his followers. Rajesh onboards more and more business partners and importers like him, who need to pay their suppliers abroad with USDT. Rajesh enjoys sharing his crypto knowledge and helping people do business with USDT, and he is happy that his Club brings him closer to his Club members and everyone can enjoy a lower trading fee.

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