How to create a Grid bot?
Follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to create your first Grid bot.
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XREX Exchange recently introduced Grid bot, a new trading feature allowing you to fully automate the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies at predetermined levels, aimed at benefiting from price swings and achieving consistent profits.

Simply set your preferred parameters and let the intelligent Grid bot automatically trade for you 24x7x365. This means that you can relax and focus on other things and avoid the stress of constantly monitoring market fluctuations while letting the Grid bot take care of your trading strategy within a certain price range.

Considerations before you get started:

  • Grid bot trading carries risk. As always, manage your risk while trading.

  • Turn on your notification for the XREX app, it is important to receive timely notifications.

  • You can chose to create a Grid bot manually or use Smart bot to get started: The Smart bot recommends parameters based on 21 days of backtesting, while manual allows for a more customized approach to trading, with a range of options available to define your own unique trading strategies, including triggering limit orders, taking profit and stop loss levels, grid sizes, and more.

How to create a Grid bot:

You can learn more about manual and advance settings here.

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