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How to adjust the TWD deposit limit?
How to adjust the TWD deposit limit?
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XREX is constantly optimizing our products and features in order to provide a better user experience. We now offer you a simple and convenient way to adjust your TWD deposit limit according to your needs.

Please ensure that you have completed your identity verification and enabled your two-factor authentication (2FA) to deposit and withdraw any fiat currency in XREX.

Flexible Deposit Limit

Currently, the annual TWD deposit limit is 3 million TWD. If you wish to adjust this limit, please follow the instructions below and complete the relevant conditions:

  1. Make one TWD withdrawal transaction.

  2. After the withdrawal is completed, 90% of the total withdrawal amount will be automatically added back to your deposit limit. This will provide you with a higher deposit limit to meet your trading needs.

  3. If you are a member of a club, 10% of your total withdrawal amount will be transferred to the club owner. Our system will automatically consider your limit as invalid if you have not joined any club and no further action is required.

For example

  1. Your current remaining deposit limit is 2 million TWD and you would like to raise your annual deposit quota.

  2. Complete a 1 million TWD withdrawal transaction to increase your deposit limit by 90%.

  3. Your current annual deposit limit has increased to 2.9 million TWD.

You can refer to the link provided to check your current deposit limit.

​Deposit limit transfer

An exciting new feature launched! You can now transfer TWD deposit limits to each other through BitCheck as long as both parties are XREX users and have passed the identity verification! The transferor and the receiver can negotiate related conditions for the transfer.

Please note that in order to transfer your TWD deposit limit, your annual remaining TWD deposit limit must be higher than your annual default TWD deposit limit. You can refer to the image below to check your transferable limit.

** Please note that the images and videos displayed here may not always reflect the most current version of the XREX App. For the latest updates, we encourage you to refer directly to the XREX App. **

Illustrated user guide

Jessica has agreed to transfer the 500,000 TWD deposit quota to Mandla after negotiation.

  1. Go to the XREX homepage and click on Transfer.

  2. Enter the recipient's user ID or scan the QR code of their account.

  3. Click on Quota to view the total transferable limit and select the amount to transfer.

  4. Enter the preferred transfer limit and click Next.

  5. Send a performance guarantee BitCheck.

Mandla will receive a notification from XREX confirming Jessica indeed had a deposit limit of 500,000 TWD. Both parties fulfilled their obligations through BitCheck and completed the transaction.

The transfer of limits is a feature provided by XREX, and using this feature does not incur any fees.

Whether there is a need for additional agreements between users for limit transfers depends on the agreement between the parties involved. XREX cannot compel users to execute or complete transactions. Do seek advice from legal professionals in the event of any disputes.

Additional notes:

The annual deposit limit will reset at 00:00:00 on 1st January (UTC + 8) each year, starting the calculation anew.

You can click here to view the records of your transferred limits.

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