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How much are BitCheck fees?
How much are BitCheck fees?

BitCheck fees are ZERO during the promotion period!

Updated over a week ago

Without BitCheck, it can cost up to 6% to send funds across the border. Right now during the promotion period, sending funds through BitCheck is completely free of charge.

With BitCheck, we promise instant delivery with a reliable and secure escrow service. Your asset is borderless. Send funds worldwide now with BitCheck. Current BitCheck supports USDT, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BCH, XRP, and beyond.

** Please note that the images and videos displayed here may not always reflect the most current version of the XREX App. For the latest updates, we encourage you to refer directly to the XREX App. **

To know more about XREX, please visit and the BitCheck official website.

Happy trading!

The XREX team


Please note that XREX is a fin-tech company aiming to comply with all regulations relevant to our services. The type and scope of services provided might be different depending on the jurisdiction where you are located and the relevant regulations for that jurisdiction.

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