How to check your transaction history in XREX?
Learn how to keep track of all of your transactions and orders!
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Use the XREX app to easily keep track of all your transactions and current open orders.

You can check your previous orders and transactions from the Pending & History page. To open this page, go to the wallet page on the XREX app and click on the clock icon shown in the screenshot below:

Once you enter the Pending & History page, you can select the options to view different types of records such as open orders, order history, short, grid bot, BitCheck, deposit/withdrawal, earn, and NFT.

You will find the records of your operations by selecting the relevant transaction/product. Simply click on the particular record to view the details of the transaction.

This Pending & History page will allow you to quickly find the information you need and keeps a record of your operations on the XREX platform.

Happy trading!

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