Keeping track of all of your transactions and current open orders can be a task, and the XREX app makes it easy to see all of your pending orders and past transactions.

To check your previous orders and transactions, open the wallet page on the XREX app and click on the clock icon shown in the screenshot below to open the Pending & History page:

Once you open the Pending & History page, you can switch between the tabs to check the following transactions:

  • Open orders

    • Here you can see the order type (buy or sell), the date of the order, and the status of the order itself.

  • Order history

    • In this tab, you can see all of your order placements of filled or unfilled orders at a specific time and date. You can see the type of order (market or limit) and detailed information considering the transactions.

  • BitCheck

    • In this tab, you can see detailed information about your pending and past BitChecks. You can click on a certain BitCheck to see more details about the transaction.

  • Deposit / Withdrawal

    • This tab will give you all the details about your pending and past fiat and cryptocurrency transactions

  • Earn

    • Relevant information considering staking and the rewards you have earned.

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