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How does Virtual Trading work?
How does Virtual Trading work?

Practice trading without the risk of losing real funds.

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Virtual Trading on XREX crypto-fiat exchange empowers users to make use of virtual funds to practice trading strategies and explore various features without the risk of losing real funds.

What are virtual funds?

Understanding virtual funds for Virtual Trading practices

  • Unlike real assets, virtual funds can only be used in virtual trading to simulate the trading process using real market conditions. By utilizing virtual funds, users can engage in Virtual Trading and explore the various functionalities without risking their own capital. It's important to understand that virtual funds cannot be converted into real assets or withdrawn. However, the knowledge and skills acquired through using virtual funds can be highly beneficial when transitioning to real trading with real funds. Essentially, virtual funds provide a secure and controlled setting for learning, exploration, and preparation before engaging in real trading experiences.

Can I convert the virtual funds to real assets?

  • No, the virtual funds used in Virtual Trading are not convertible to real assets. They are designed solely for practice and learning purposes. However, you can gain valuable experience and insights that can be applied to real trading scenarios.

Can I replenish or add more virtual funds to my Virtual Trading account?

  • Currently, users can only claim a set amount of virtual funds that cannot be replenished or increased. However, we are actively working on enhancements, including the possibility of enabling users to claim additional virtual funds.

Supported Virtual Trading pairs

  • BTC / USDT

  • ETH / USDT

How can identify the Virtual Trading pairs from real funds?

  • Trading pairs eligible for Virtual Trading will always be distinctly designated with a Virtual pair icon, as illustrated below:

What features are available in the initial release of Virtual Trading?

  • In the initial release, users can utilize virtual funds to execute the grid trading strategy in the cryptocurrency spot market. This feature allows you to set up automated trading bots that follow a specific trading strategy based on predefined parameters. Learn more about Grid bot.

Will other features be supported in the future?

  • Our goal is to enhance the Virtual Trading experience continually. In future updates, we plan to introduce additional features such as shorting, spot trading, and convert functionality. This will provide users with a comprehensive Virtual Trading environment to practice various trading techniques.

Are there any limitations in Virtual Trading?

  • Virtual funds cannot be deposited, withdrawn, or sent via BitCheck.

How to differentiate real positions from Virtual Trading?

  • When a position is opened using Virtual Trading pairs, it's distinctly marked with a Virtual pair icon. You'll see this designation whether you're viewing current open positions or browsing the pending & history page, as demonstrated below:

How to get started with Virtual Trading?

  1. Log in to your verified XREX account.

  2. Navigate to the Trade section.

  3. Select Grid bot and the Virtual Trading option.

  4. Claim virtual funds by selecting any trading pair that supports Virtual Trading.

  5. Follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to create your first Grid bot.

** Please note that the images and videos displayed here may not always reflect the most current version of the XREX App. For the latest updates, we encourage you to refer directly to the XREX App. **

Note: Remember, Virtual Trading is a fantastic way to gain experience and confidence in trading without risking real assets. Use this opportunity to explore different strategies, experiment with new techniques, and refine your skills before venturing into live trading.

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