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Is my private data in safe hands with XREX?
Is my private data in safe hands with XREX?

A secure and responsible fiat-crypto exchange.

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There is no doubt that your private data is secure in XREX. Our team has the ambition, experience and is committed to providing a high standard of privacy protection and cyber security on the market. Your private information is collected based on regulating protocols and to remain compliant with XREX Financial compliance policy as well as the relevant laws and regulations in the jurisdiction(s) where XREX operates. XREX does not disclose your personal information or trading history to a third party under any circumstances, except upon legal request by government authorities, such as national security and law enforcement.

Thank you for your confidence in what we do here at XREX. To learn more about identity verification and how to get started, you might find these articles helpful:

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