A secure and responsible fiat-crypto exchange.

With XREX, there is no doubt that your private data is secure; our team has the experience, ambition, and can promise the highest quality of privacy and cyber security on the market.

We collect some of your private information on the basis of regulating protocols, to remain compliant in view of XREX Financial compliance policy as well as relevant law and regulations in the jurisdiction(s) where XREX operates.

Under no circumstances does XREX disclose your personal information or trading history to outside parties except when compelled by public authorities, such as national security and law enforcement.

On behalf of the XREX team, we thank you for your confidence in what we do here at XREX. To learn more about identity verification and how to get started, check out the following articles:

- What is identity verification and how does it benefit me?

- What are the required documents for personal identity verification?

To learn more about legal information:

- Legal FAQ collection

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